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1 All authors: Department of Radiology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Brookline Ave, Boston, MA Cystic liver lesions, or.

See patient information handout on hypodermoclysiswritten by the authors of this article. Hypodermoclysis, the subcutaneous infusion of fluids, is a useful and easy hydration technique suitable for mildly to moderately dehydrated adult patients, especially the elderly. The method is considered Thrombophlebitis Israel and does not pose any serious complications.

The most frequent adverse effect is mild subcutaneous edema that can be treated by local massage or systemic diuretics. Approximately 3 L can be given in a Thrombophlebitis Israel period at two separate sites.

Common infusion sites are the chest, abdomen, thighs and upper arms. The preferred solution is normal saline, but other solutions, Thrombophlebitis Israel, such as half-normal saline, glucose with saline or 5 percent glucose, can also be used.

Potassium chloride can be added to the solution bag if needed. Hyaluronidase can also be added to enhance fluid absorption. Hypodermoclysis can be administered at home by family members or a nurse; the technique should be familiar to every family physician.

Hypodermoclysis is a method of infusing fluid into subcutaneous tissue that requires only minimal equipment. Technically, it is easier to administer fluids subcutaneously than intravenously. During the past two decades, Thrombophlebitis Israel, many articles advocating this method have been published in the geriatric and palliative medical literature.

A study 4 demonstrated the efficacy of fluid absorption in hypodermoclysis. Healthy elderly volunteers were infused with normal saline either intravenously or subcutaneously, using radioisotopic triated water and technetium pertechnetate. The infusion included IU of hyaluronidase, and the saline infusion rate was mL per hour.

The absorption of fluid via the intravenous route was almost identical to that with the subcutaneous route in all subjects. Radioactivity could not be demonstrated at the subcutaneous site Thrombophlebitis Israel minutes after completion of the infusion. In an uncontrolled study, 5 hypodermoclysis was used in 36 instances in nursing-home residents with a mean age of 85 years and was associated with a return to clinical or functional baseline in 71 percent of subjects one week after the end of clysis.

In a further study, 6 60 patients mean age: After adjusting for baseline differences, no differences in serum urea or creatinine levels were found between the two groups 48 hours later. The cost was much lower in the subcutaneous fluid group, Thrombophlebitis Israel, and agitation related to the infusion was more prevalent in the intravenous fluid group. Subcutaneous fluids are indicated for maintaining adequate hydration in patients who Thrombophlebitis Israel unable to take adequate fluids orally, who are mildly to moderately dehydrated and in whom it is difficult or Thrombophlebitis Israel to insert an intravenous line.

Oral hydration is often difficult in the presence of cognitive impairment, vomiting and nausea, infection, abdominal obstruction related to cancer, or cerebrovascular accident, especially in elderly patients.

However, hospitalization is inconvenient for patients and families, and many patients Thrombophlebitis Israel to stay at home.

The cost of hospitalization and the danger of nosocomial infections are further disadvantages of admitting a patient for hydration. Because of its safety and ease of administration, hypodermoclysis is a useful alternative to intravenous hydration.

More suitable for home care than IV line, with less staff supervision and less need for hospitalization. Can be started and stopped at any time by opening and closing the clamp on clysis tubing; no danger of clot formation. Usual rate only 1 mL per minute; only 3, mL at two sites can be given in 24 hours. Limitations on administration of electrolytes, nutrition additives and medications.

Terminal cancer patients usually stop eating and drinking near the end of life. The use of fluids in this situation is subject to debate, because nutrition and hydration have not been proved to prolong life or improve patients' well-being.

There are few contraindications to hypodermoclysis, Thrombophlebitis Israel. It should not be used when fluids must be administered rapidly and in large amounts, such as in patients Krampfadern bei Frauen Preis collapse, shock, Thrombophlebitis Israel, severe electrolyte disturbance or major dehydration.

It is also contraindicated when the patient may be at increased risk of pulmonary congestion or Thrombophlebitis Israel, such as severe congestive heart failure. Because of bleeding at the injection site, clotting disorders are another contraindication. In ambulatory patients, hypodermoclysis sites include the abdomen, upper chest, above the breast, Thrombophlebitis Israel, over an intercostal space and the scapular area.

In bedridden patients, preferred sites are the thighs, the abdomen and the outer aspect of the upper arm. Total hypodermoclysis duration was an average of 14 days. Fluid can be delivered subcutaneously by gravity at a rate of 1 mL per minute at one site; thus, about 1.

One to 2 L can be given overnight to allow freedom from tubes during the day. The equipment consists of a solution bag, Thrombophlebitis Israel, a tube Thrombophlebitis Israel a drip chamber, a or gauge long-tube butterfly needle, povidone-iodine solution or alcohol skin preparation, and a sterile occlusive dressing, Thrombophlebitis Israel.

Usually, normal saline 0. More recently, reports have been published on the use of 5 percent dextrose with no attendant risk. Hyaluronidase, Thrombophlebitis Israel, an enzyme obtained from bull testes, has been used to enhance fluid absorption from subcutaneous tissue, Thrombophlebitis Israel.

Hyaluronidase temporarily lyses the normal interstitial barrier, Thrombophlebitis Israel, which consists mainly of hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide found in the intercellular ground substance of connective tissue. When hyaluronidase is used to increase fluid absorption, one method of doing so is Thrombophlebitis Israel add U per L to a fluid infusion bag and to inject 75 U of hyaluronidase into each clysis site through Thrombophlebitis Israel short latex tubing near the needle.

Assemble fluid and tubing. Prime line with selected fluid and hyaluronidase, Thrombophlebitis Israel, using lidocaine if required. Swab the site with povidone-iodine skin preparation solution using a circular motion, beginning at the center of the site. Allow at least one minute contact time. Do not das häufigste Symptom einer Lungenembolie prepared site again with fingers.

Do not set drip rate to deliver more than 1 L in two hours, Thrombophlebitis Israel. Check patient and infusion after one hour to ensure that the infusion site is correct, that there are no signs of edema, leakage, Thrombophlebitis Israel, disconnection or fluid collection distal to the site, and that patient does not show signs of fluid overload. No data have been reported on the absorption of morphine and other medications added Thrombophlebitis Israel the fluid Thrombophlebitis Israel or given as a bolus, although concomitant subcutaneous infusion of such medications warrants investigation.

The technique for hypodermoclysis is summarized in Table 2. The risks of hypodermoclysis are minimal when it Thrombophlebitis Israel administered in conformity with accepted indications and guidelines. In a experiment, 21 4, infusions of normal saline and 5 percent glucose solutions were administered to patients, of Thrombophlebitis Israel the majority were older than 80 years, Thrombophlebitis Israel.

Few adverse effects were noted. The most common problem was fluid overloading, which caused either subcutaneous edema or heart failure in nine patients. Four of five patients with subcutaneous edema in the pelvic and genital regions rapidly responded to diuretics.

Local infection occurred in only one patient, Thrombophlebitis Israel, who developed cellulitis at the infusion site in the thigh. Two patients had ecchymoses, one of them with probable disseminated intravascular coagulation.

The investigators concluded that hypodermoclysis is safe in older patients with mild to moderate dehydration. Rare; can be related to insertion of needle into underlying muscle or to increase in infusion rate, Thrombophlebitis Israel. Risk is minimal when aseptic technique is used and needle site is changed daily. Risk is minimal; subcutaneous infusion should not be performed if blood appears when needle is inserted. Rare; reported in 0. Information from Schen R.

Administration of fluid by subcutaneous infusion. Subcutaneous fluid infusion in a long-term care setting. J Am Geriatr Soc ; Already a member or subscriber? He is also head of the Israeli Palliative Care Association. Address correspondence to Pesach Shvartzman, M. BoxThrombophlebitis Israel, Be'er Sheva,Thrombophlebitis Israel, Israel e-mail: Reprints are not available from the authors.

The authors indicate that they do not have any conflicts of Thrombophlebitis Israel. Steiner N, Bruera E, Thrombophlebitis Israel. Methods of hydration in palliative care patients.

J Am Ger Society. Farrand S, John Campbell A. Safe, simple subcutaneous fluid administration. Br J Hosp Med. Subcutaneous fluid administration in elderly subjects, Thrombophlebitis Israel.

J Am Geriatr Soc. Hussain NA, Warshaw G. Utility of clysis for hydration in nursing home residents. Subcutaneous fluids in elderly hospital patients with cognitive impairment. Subcutaneous infusion or hypodermoclysis: A comparison of intravenous Thrombophlebitis Israel subcutaneous hydration in elderly acute stroke patients. Subcutaneous fluid administration and site maintenance. On withholding nutrition and hydration in the terminally ill. The effect of intravenous fluid infusion on blood and urine parameters of hydration and on state of consciousness in terminal cancer patients.

Am J Hospice Palliat Care. The use of hypodermoclysis for rehydration in terminally ill cancer patients. J Pain Sympt Manag. Fainsinger R, Bruera Boxen und Krampfadern.

1 All authors: Department of Radiology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Brookline Ave, Boston, MA Cystic liver lesions, or.

If you emigrateyou leave your own country and go to live permanently in another country. People who emigrate are called emigrants, Thrombophlebitis Israel. The act of emigrating is called emigration.

However, these words are less frequent than immigrant and immigration. However, it is more common to say that someone emigrates from a country than to say that someone immigrates to a country. The process by which people come to live in a country is called immigration. When people migratethey temporarily move to another place, usually a city or another country, in order to find work.

Migration - definition of migration by The Free Dictionary https: The act or an instance of migrating.

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The swallow is a summer migrant to Thrombophlebitis Israel also adjective migrant workers. References in classic literature? I mention this peaceful spot with all possible laud for it is in such little retired Dutch valleys, Thrombophlebitis Israel, found here and there embosomed in the great State of New York, that population, Thrombophlebitis Israel, manners, and customs remain fixed, while the great torrent of migration and improvement, which is making such incessant changes in other parts of this restless country, sweeps by them unobserved.

Within a few years we have witnessed the phenomenon of a southeastward Thrombophlebitis Israelin the settlement of Australia; but this affects us as a retrograde movement, and, Thrombophlebitis Israel, judging from the moral and physical character Thrombophlebitis Israel the first generation of Australians, has not yet Thrombophlebitis Israel a successful experiment.

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Soon after the migration to the "warm rivers," in which he had taken part like the rest, Dron was made village Elder and overseer Thrombophlebitis Israel Bogucharovo, and had since filled that post irreproachably for twenty-three years.

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Not what she expedted to see when evaluating a patient for superficial phlebitis.

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