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Ulcera cruris trophic Ulcus | definition of ulcus by Medical dictionary

Is it an ulcer? Hi friend, I'm 35 year old Ulcera cruris trophic and recently I started to suffer from some strange symptoms I have never experienced. The first symptom was sharp pain in my upper abdomen that starts two of three hours after eating.

In the beginning I thought it could be connected with some food intolerance but then I started to get this pain early in the morning, before any eating what so ever and all this was accompanied with nausea, frequent burping and weight loss, Ulcera cruris trophic. I have read some stuff about stomach ulcer and I could say that I poses almost every major symptom.

Is there any way for me to be sure that I have developed disease of ulcer? There is nothing you could do to check do you have ulcer or not by your self. Anyone who thinks he may have an ulcer needs to Ulcera cruris trophic a doctor because over time, untreated ulcers grow larger and deeper and can lead to other problems. So go now to the doctor. What are the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis? I am 40 years old and suffer from a lot of stomach aches and diarrhea.

Do I have Ulcerative Colitis? What are its symptoms? Here's a pretty good article that covers symptoms of UC: What is the difference between duodenal ulcer and stomach ulcer? I was diagnosed recently with duodenal ulcer. I heard the term stomach ulcer but not duodenal. What causes duodenal and what cause stomach ulcer? And how do they treat duodenal ulcer? The duodenum is right after the stomach, Ulcera cruris trophic. Hence the treatment for it is probably antibiotics.

Ulcus definition of ulcus by Medical dictionary https: It usually remains for five to seven days and heals within two weeks with no scarring. Arterial and venous ulcers are quite different and require different modes of treatment.

Venous stasis ulcers occur as a result of venous insufficiency in the lower limb. The insufficiency is due to deep vein thrombosis and failure of the one-way valves that act during muscle contraction to prevent the backflow of blood, Ulcera cruris trophic. Chronic varicosities of the veins can also cause venous stasis.

Stasis ulcers are difficult to treat because impaired blood flow interferes with the normal healing process and prolongs repair, Ulcera cruris trophic. Patient care is concerned with preventing a superimposed infection in the ulcer, increasing blood flow in the deeper veins, Ulcera cruris trophic, and decreasing pressure within the superficial veins. Hunner's ulcer one involving all layers of the bladder wall, seen in interstitial cystitis.

Marginal ulcers are a frequent complication of surgical treatment for peptic ulcer; they are difficult to control medically and often require further surgery. A lesion through the skin or Ulcera cruris trophic mucous membrane resulting from loss of tissue, usually with inflammation.

An erosive or penetrating lesion on a cutaneous or mucosal surface, usually with inflammation. The page has not loaded completely and Heilgymnastik für Krampfadern Beine content and functionality are corrupted.

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Venous ulcer - Wikipedia Ulcera cruris trophic

The use of dihydroergotamine and its salts in the local treatment of trophic disorders, pharmaceutical forms for local use of dihydroergotamine for the treatment of trophic disorders and a process for their production in which the active substance concentration in the pharmaceutical compositions is between Use of dihydroergotamine and its salts in the local treatment of trophic disorders EP A2.

The use of dihydroergotamine and its salts in the local treatment of trophic disorders, pharmaceutical forms for local use of dihydroergotamine for the treatment of trophic disorders and a process for their production in which the active substance concentration in the pharmaceutical compositions is between 0. Verwendung von Dihydroergotamin und seinen Salzen zur lokalen Behandlung trophischer Störungen.

Use of dihydroergotamine and its salts for the local treatment of trophic disorders. Verwendung von Dihydroergotamin nach Anspruch 1 zur Behandlung von Stauungsdermatosen. The use of dihydroergotamine according to claim 1 for the treatment of Stauungsdermatosen. Verwendung von Dihydroergotamin nach Anspruch 1 zur Behandlung von Ulcus cruris venosum.

Use of dihydroergotamine according to claim 1 for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. Verwendung von Dihydroergotamin nach Anspruch 1 zur Behandlung von Dekubitalulcera. Use of dihydroergotamine according to claim 1 for the treatment of pressure ulcers.

Liquid dosage forms according to claim 6, characterized in that they contain between 0, Ulcera cruris trophic. Semi-solid dosage forms according to claim 6, characterized in that they contain between 0. Solid dosage forms according to claim 6, characterized in that they contain between 0. A process for the preparation of medicaments according to any one of claims Varizen Novosibirsk to 10, characterized in that a pH of 3.

A process for the preparation of dosage forms according to claim 7 to 10, characterized in that the active ingredient dihydroergotamine or its salts is predominantly or completely dissolved. Die Erfindung betrifft die Verwendung von Dihydroergotamin und seinen Salzen zur lokalen Behandlung trophischer Störungen, die sich klinisch in Form von Stauungsdermatosen, Ulcera und Gewebstod manifestieren können.

The invention relates to the use of dihydroergotamine and its salts for the local treatment Ulcera cruris trophic trophic disorders which may clinically manifest itself in the form of Stauungsdermatosen, ulcers and necrosis.

Die Erfindung betrifft weiter Arzneiformen zur lokalen Anwendung, die Dihydroergotamin bzw. The invention further relates to pharmaceutical forms for local application, the dihydroergotamine or its salts and useful for the treatment of trophic disorders and processes for their preparation, Ulcera cruris trophic.

Unter Dihydroergotamin im Sinne dieser Erfindung wird das Dihydroergotamin selbst aber auch seine pharmakologisch aktiven Stoffwechselprodukte Metaboliten verstanden, die aufgrund physiologischer Wechselwirkung durch Gewebe bzw. Under dihydroergotamine the purposes of this invention, the dihydroergotamine but is itself also understood its pharmacologically active metabolites metabolite caused by tissue or tissue enzymes due to physiological interaction are to be understood or isolated or synthesized, in particular the major metabolite 8'-Hydroxydihydroergotamin and 8', 10' -Dihydroxydihydroergotamin.

Trophische Störungen sind ernährungsbedingte und damit wachstumsbedingte Ernährungsstörungen des Gewebes oder von Organen, wobei Stauungsdermatosen und Ulcus cruris venosum schwerste Folgen einer chronisch venösen Insuffizienz, hervorgerufen durch eine konstitutionelle, anlagenbedingte Venenwandschwäche oder Folge thrombotischer Erkrankungen sind.

Trophic disorders are dietary and growth-related eating disorders of the tissue or organ, wherein Stauungsdermatosen and venous ulcers severe consequences of chronic venous insufficiency caused by a constitutional, system-related vein wall weakness or subsequent thrombotic diseases. Eine andere Form trophisch bedingter Hautstörungen sind Dekubitalulcera, hervorgerufen durch regionale Durchblutungsstörungen, inmobilisierter bettlägiger Patienten, Ulcera cruris trophic. Another form trophic Ulcera cruris trophic skin disorders are decubitus ulcers caused Ulcera cruris trophic regional circulatory disorders, inmobilisierter bettlägiger patients.

It is clear that in addition to the limited quality of life for those affected Übungen, die Beine mit Krampfadern zu stärken considerable economic losses due to hospitalization and disability occur.

Zur Behandlung von Ulcus Ulcera cruris trophic venosum, Stauungsdermatosen und Dekubital ulcera ist bislang keine eindeutige medikamentöse Standardtherapie bekannt geworden. For the treatment of venous leg ulcers, decubitus ulcera Stauungsdermatosen and no clear standard medical therapy is not yet known.

Vielmehr werden diese Krankheiten polypragmatisch durch symptomatische Behandlung therapiert, mit letztlich ungewissen Erfolgen. Rather, these diseases are treated by polypragmatic symptomatic treatment, with uncertain success ultimately.

According to the medicine treatment Med 21 M. Comprises the purification of the ulcer to mechanical, osmotic or enzymatically, a concurrent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory treatment and the use granulationsfördernder and epithelisierender agent, usually by applying pressure dressings to reach the venous outflow by physical means and immobilization.

The uncertainty of these methods of treatment described Schmidli and Holzer in "Local treatment of skin ulcers" in pharmaceutical review, Ulcera cruris trophic, 8, 6. Eine lokale Anwendung von Dihydroergotamin zur Behandlung trophischer Störungen wie zum Beispiel der Stauungsdermatose, des Ulcus cruris venosum und des Dekubitalulcus war bislang nicht bekannt.

A local application of dihydroergotamine for treating trophic disorders such as the Stauungsdermatose, venous ulcers and decubital was not yet known. It has surprisingly Ulcera cruris trophic found that the above-mentioned diseases with success can be treated if, contrary to the classic use of dihydroergotamine and its salts, this is applied locally.

It was also surprising that the wet and the weeping open wounds with ulceration dry after a short time under the effect also of liquid dosage forms. Dabei kann auf die Anwendung von Antibiotika und Reinigungsmitteln zur Bekämpfung bakterieller Infektionen, die üblicherweise auftreten und die Behandlung erschweren, völlig verzichtet werden.

In this case, the use of antibiotics and cleaning agents to combat bacterial infections that commonly occur and Ulcera cruris trophic treatment, be completely dispensed with.

It was further surprising that are observed after a short time, based on the usual duration of therapy, vascularization from the depth of the ulcer and clearly visible Granulationsinseln.

It was also found, surprisingly, that the Vorsicht mit Krampfadern of both the depth of the ulcer from the edge as is done by Gewebszuwachs so that usually follow any cosmetic corrections.

Dabei bleiben objektiv zu erwartende Nebenwirkungen, wie z. While remaining objectively expected side effects, such. As blood pressure rise from. Stauungsdermatosen and post-thrombotic dermatitis that are characterized by striking and often Pylon für Krampfadern medium to dark brown stains, surprisingly show according to the invention use of dihydroergotamine after a short time a significant lightening of the affected skin areas.

After several weeks of treatment time, the skin has adapted back to your regular environment in terms of color and elasticity. Ulcera cruris trophic Verwendung von Dihydroergotamin und seinen Salzen, wie zum Beispiel Methansulfonat, Äthansulfonat, Tartrat, Maleat, Succinat und andere für die lokale Anwendung geeigneter Salze zur lokalen Behandlung vorgenannter trophischer Störungen kann in Form flüssiger, halbfester oder fester Arzneimitteln erfolgen, sowie eben solcher Arzneimittel, welche die aktiven Metaboliten des Dihydroergotamins, z, Ulcera cruris trophic.

Use of dihydroergotamine and its salts, such as methanesulfonate, ethanesulphonate, tartrate, maleate, succinate and other for local application of suitable salts for the local treatment of the aforementioned trophic disorders may take the form of liquid, semi-solid or solid Verletzung des Blutflusses in der Nabelschnur 1 b products, and just such a drug, which contain the active metabolite of Dihydroergotamins, z.

Liquid drug solutions in this sense are in the form of drops, tinctures and sprays, suspensions, emulsions, dispersions, Ulcera cruris trophic.

As Chinese Patch von Krampfadern dosage forms, for example, are gels, ointments, creams and foams in question, while meant by solid dosage forms, for example, powders, granules, pellets and microcapsules. Die Arzneiformen enthalten möglichst reizfreie Verdünnungsmittel, Ulcera cruris trophic, von denen neben Wasser, einwertige Alkohole, mehrwertige Alkohole, Polyglykole, aber auch Glycerinformal, Ulcera cruris trophic, Ulcera cruris trophic, natürliche und synthetische Öle und Ester Ulcera cruris trophic werden können.

The dosage forms contain irritation-free as possible diluent, one of which can be used in addition to water, monovalent alcohols, polyols, polyglycols, but also glycerol formal, dimethyl isosorbide, natural and synthetic oils and esters, Ulcera cruris trophic. Für die Herstellung von halbfesten Darreichungsformen eignen sich neben vorgenannten Lösungsmitteln zusätzlich Grundmassen wie zum Beispiel Bentonit, Veegum, Ulcera cruris trophic und Cellulosederivate wie Methylcellulose, Carboxymethylcellulose aber auch Polymere aus Vinylalkohol Ulcera cruris trophic Vinylpyrrolidon, Alginate, Pektine, Polyacrylate, Ulcera cruris trophic, feste und flüssige Polyethylenglykole, Paraffine, Fettalkohole, Vaseline und Wachse, Fettsäuren und Fettsäureester.

For the production of semi-solid dosage forms also are suitable in addition to the aforementioned solvents base materials such as bentonite, veegum, guar gum and cellulose derivatives such as methylcellulose, carboxymethylcellulose and also polymers of vinyl alcohol and vinyl pyrrolidone, alginates, pectins, polyacrylates, solid and liquid polyethylene glycols, paraffins, fatty alcohols, petrolatum and waxes, fatty acids and fatty acid esters. Feste Arzneiformen enthalten entweder den Wirkstoff unverdünnt oder mit Verdünnungsmitteln wie beispielsweise kolloidale Kieselsäure, Talkum, Milchzucker, Stärkepulvern, Zuckern, Cellulosederivaten und Gelatine, Metalloxide und Metallsalze.

Solid dosage Ulcera cruris trophic containing the active ingredient either neat or with diluents, such as colloidal silica, talc, lactose, Ulcera cruris trophic, starch powders, sugars, cellulose derivatives and gelatine, metal oxides and metal salts. Die Arzneiformen können darüber hinaus noch andere Bestandteile wie Konservierungsmittel, Stabilisatoren, Tenside, Emulgatoren und Penetrationsförderer, Spreitungsmittel, Puffersubstanzen und Treibmittel enthalten.

The dosage forms may also contain other ingredients such as preservatives, stabilizers, Ulcera cruris trophic, surfactants, emulsifiers and penetrants, Ulcera cruris trophic, spreading agents, buffering agents and blowing agent beyond. Die Verwendung der beispielhaft genannten Verdünnungsmittel und Hilfsstoffe ist nicht arzneiformspezifisch. The use of the exemplified diluents and excipients is not specific dosage form. Sie können wahlweise für verschiedene Formen Einsatz finden.

You can either for different forms are used. Besonders bevorzugt werden Zusammensetzungen, die aufgrund ihrer Stoffeigenschaften Autosterilität garantieren, wobei dann auf zusätzliche Konservierung verzichtet werden kann. Particularly preferred are compositions that guarantee sterility car because of their material properties, can then be no need for Ulcera cruris trophic preservation.

Geeignet sind dabei Zusammensetzungen, die mehr als 10 Gew. Suitable are compositions comprising Ulcera cruris trophic than 10 wt. The process for producing liquid and semi-solid forms are preferably to be selected such that the active ingredient is present largely or completely dissolved or uniformly dispersed to develop its effect immediately. Die Verfahren zur Herstellung der Arzneiformen sind an sich bekannt. The process for preparing the dosage forms are known per se.

Verpackung keimfrei sind, um eine Ulcera cruris trophic der zu behandelnden erkrankten Flächen zu verhindern. However, Ulcera cruris trophic, additional requirement for the method is that Getriebe malyshevoy von Krampfadern particular the liquid and semi-solid dosage forms according to the manufacturing and filling and packaging are sterile to prevent Sekundärinfizierung the diseased to be treated surfaces.

The minimum requirement is that the dosage forms contain less thanpreferably less than capable of multiplying, Ulcera cruris trophic microorganisms. The pH of liquid and semi-solid dosage forms is to be adjusted and corrected if necessary, that it is close to the physiological conditions. Dabei ist ein pH-Bereich von 3,5 bis 8,5, Ulcera cruris trophic, vorzugsweise 5 bis 7,8, Ulcera cruris trophic. Here, a pH range of 3.

Darüber hinaus kann die Verwendung auch mittels präparierter Gazestreifen, Kompressen und Pflaster erfolgen, die mit den vorgenannten Arzneiformen oder Kombinationen davon getränkt bzw.

Moreover, use can also be made using prepared gauze, compresses and plasters which were impregnated with the above-mentioned dosage forms or combinations thereof or occupied. Die Wirkstoffkonzentration in den Arzneimittelzusammensetzungen ist nicht kritisch und beträgt zwischen 0, und Gew. The active ingredient concentration in the pharmaceutical compositions is not critical and is 0, Ulcera cruris trophic.

Die Differenz zu Gewichtsprozent ergibt sich aus dem jeweiligen Anteil Verdünnungsmittel bzw. The difference to weight percent is derived from the respective proportion of diluent and the excipients used.

Die Abfüllung der Arzneiformen erfolgt in an sich bekannten Behältnissen wie Flaschen, Tuben, Puder- und Streudosen, Siegelrandbeuteln, die gegebenenfalls mit Dosierungshilfen wie Tropfern, Dosierventilen und Dosierkammern ausgestattet sind.

The filling of the pharmaceutical forms is carried out in per se known containers such as bottles, Ulcera cruris trophic, tubes, powder and scattered cans, sachets, which are optionally equipped with metering aids such as droppers, metering valves and metering chambers.

A 56 year old female patient who was suffering from a venous ulcer for 42 years on the left leg in the ankle, Ulcera cruris trophic, was, after treatment by means of conventional therapeutic principles including unsuccessful extending skin transplantation as clinically therapied.

The ulcer was at the beginning of the local treatment using dihydroergotamine about 10 x 6 cm in size at a depth of 0. The wound was surrounded by an approximately three times as large Stauungsdermatose. Zu Therapiebeginn war in der Tiefe der Wunde der Unterschenkelknochen erkennbar.

At baseline in the depth of the wound of the lower leg bone was visible. The treatment was performed such that a solution according to Example 4 was first applied drop directly on the wound. Später wurden mit der Lösung getränkte Gazestreifen direkt auf die Wunde gelegt. Later soaked gauze strips Ulcera cruris trophic laid directly on the wound with the solution. The solution was metered in such that about 0.

After several days of local treatment of Behandlung von Volksmittel für Krampfadern des Gebärmutter wound itching, oozing and the foul smell, followed by formation of marginal granulation tissue, vascularization and Granulationsinseln after several weeks disappeared. After four months of therapy, the ulcer was reduced to matchbox size and a significantly deckener Gewebszuwachs from the depths identified.

Nach weiteren drei Monaten Behandlungszeit war die Wunde narbig, völlig ausgeheilt. After three months of treatment, the wound was scarred, healed completely. Die Zeichen der Stauungsdermatose waren fast völlig verschwunden. The signs of Stauungsdermatose had almost completely disappeared.

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